Advice Services in Southwark

Southwark Legal Advice Network aims to improve access to quality assured advice services and self-help information in Southwark for people in greatest need.

This website provides information about advice services in Southwark, listed according to the area of advice - Money/Debt/Tax, Housing & Homelessness, Employment, Welfare Benefits & Tax Credits, Immigration, Discrimination, Goods & Services, Fuel Costs, Family, Community Care, Domestic Violence, Education, Personal Injury and Public Law.

Advice agencies generally fall into one of two categories: generalist advice agencies can provide information, advice and help to resolve your basic problems, and typically offer free drop-in sessions, for which no appointment is necessary; specialist agencies can provide legal services, but can only take on cases by referral from other agencies.

Also listed under the same areas of advice are links to other websites - such as Southwark Council, National Government and other advice guides - where you can find online advice, factsheets and other useful resources.

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